Sprinkler Repair and Installations of New Irrigation Systems

Your sprinkler and irrigation system is extremely important in protecting your investment in your property and landscape. Grasseaters expert licensed irrigators specializing in all areas of sprinkler repairs and sprinkler installations. We use only the most reliable brands, including Rainbird, Toro, and Hunter watering systems, with the most extensive manufacturer’s warranty.  We proudly repair and install sprinklers for private and commercial properties.  Remember, we don’t just do sprinkler repair in Fort Worth… we also serve and travel to areas west and east of the Ft. Worth metroplex.

Grasseaters Sprinkler Installations and Repairs

We are Sprinkler Repair Specialist in:

  • Valve locations
  • Sprinkler head repairs
  • Electrical problems
  • Leaks / broken pipes
  • Controller boxes
  • Add-ons / retros

Fort Worth Sprinkler Maintenance Programs

Routine sprinkler maintenance and repair on your irrigation systems can save you money, time, and stress.  Our sprinkler maintenance programs insure that your sprinkler and irrigation system operates at its highest level.

It is important to do a regular maintenance check on your sprinkler irrigation systems. If sprinkler systems are not kept in good working condition, they can waste water as well as have detrimental effects on your landscape. Grasseaters offers maintenance programs for all residential and commercial customers in the greater Fort Worth Texas area. The programs range from annual, bi-annual, and quarterly inspections. The price is relatively low considering the cost of water running down the street or replacing landscape. Call now to start the program that best fits your needs.

Maintenance program checklist:

  • Inspect double-check valve
  • Inspect control box
  • Program control box – (if needed)
  • Check battery back up
  • Check all stations
  • Check for proper water pressure on each station
  • Sprinkler head repair; Adjust spray patterns on heads and rotors to obtain proper coverage
  • Check for leaks in pipes and leads

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