It’s possible you may need to turn your sprinkler system off manually. Here we highlight 3 of the different ways you can easily turn your sprinkler and irrigation system off yourself in our great turning a sprinkler system off video.

Look for the boxes, usually found in your front yard; a meter box, double-check box, and/or gate valve box.  Once you found the location of your box or valve boxes then follow the steps below.

  • The Gate Valve:  the newer sprinkler systems usually have gate valves: turn this gate valve off by turning it 90 degrees clockwise
  • The Double Check Valve:  usually you will see a couple handles and to stop the water you only need to turn off one of them.  Once again, turning the handle clockwise 90 degrees should stop the water flow completely.  This is a quick fix to turn the water off until your sprinkler technician can arrive to assess any big damage.
  • The Meter Box:  careful, this method not only stops the sprinkler systems but also shuts the water off to your home completely.  Turning the handle 180 degrees stops all water flow to your entire property.

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