With the season change comes new tasks to keep your Fort Worth lawn looking wonderful all year long.  Below we highlight a few Early Spring Tips to keep your lawn healthy!  As always, Grasseaters makes it easy on you by providing you with a year round lawn maintenance program that includes most of the tips below and more!  Contact us today to set up your Fort Worth lawn care program.


Start by Cleaning up the Area

Most likely you didn’t venture out in your Fort Worth lawn that much over the winter.  Debris, fallen branches, and more can gather over the months.  Do a simple walk through with a lawn bag and pick up any loose gatherings.

Kill the Weeds

You are probably noticing in February and early March that a lot of dollarweed and clovers pop up.  This is not uncommon in our climate.  You can find over the counter weed and feed fertilizers at your local hardware stores.  If you prefer a professional handle the job, Grasseaters provides regular lawn maintenance programs to keep your lawn looking great year round, contact us today to find out more.

Feed your southern lawn

If you don’t have the dollarweed and clover problem in your lawn you can most likely skip that step and go straight to feeding your grass with a lawn food specific to your Fort Worth lawn.  The lawn food helps protect your lawn against drought and the heat that will come in the next few months.

Start by mowing high

When your grass is coming out of it’s dormant stage it’s important to cut high.  In spring, the taller the grass the deeper the roots and it can choke out weeds.  On average, a good blade height for your Fort Worth St. Augustine lawn is about 3 to 4 inches. You can cut a little lower for Bermuda grass.  A smart cutting for your lawn is to remove only about 1/3 of the total grass blade length.

Edge your beds in the Spring

Your soil is still soft from the winter.  Now is a great time to edge your garden beds because it’s much easier to edge with soft soil.  When removing soil or dirt, be sure not to throw it back into the bed if it has weeds.

Apply New Mulch

Applying new mulch should be done around mid Spring, when your soil is somewhat warmed.  Mulch is the perfect preventative measure at keeping weeds out of your garden beds.  It works by keeping out sun that aids in weed growth.  About 2 to 3.5 inches of mulch is a good layer amount.

Get a lawnmower tune up

Your lawnmower needs routine maintenance too.  You can take it to local handymen in Fort Worth that specialize in these services.  It usually does not cost too much.  You can choose to do the work yourself, but before beginning it’s smart to remove the spark plug wire for optimal safety.  Start with replacing the air filter, changing oil and spark plugs.  Wash and clean out the undercarriage, removing old debris that has attached itself.  Have a look at the blade, does it have nicks, is it dented?  If not, you can clean and sharpen it.  If so, it’s advisable to replace it.