Correctly seeding your brand new yard is the first step in creating a beautiful lawn. It is important to follow proper techniques when establishing your grass in order to develop a lush, green space you will be proud of. Grasseaters can help guide you in the proper methods and maintenance procedures. Here are a few basic steps to get you started.

Selecting the Turf

If starting the seeding process from scratch, you need to first identify which grass species are suitable to your yard. Different regions of the country provide different environments in which grasses will thrive based on the amount of daylight, moisture, altitude, temperatures, etc. Here in Fort Worth, Texas the most common grasses used for lawns are Bermuda and St. Augustine. If you need assistance selecting the correct turf for your lawn, Grasseaters can help!

Preparing the Soil

Before beginning to plant, the soil needs to be prepared to receive the seed. This will help ensure proper cover and growth. Work the ground so that the clumps of soil are no larger than pebble size. Be careful not to over-till the soil making it too soft since this will make the soil harden when wet. Level with a garden rake or similar tool and remove any rocks or debris. Once the soil is prepared you will be ready to begin applying the seed.

Applying the Seed

Apply the grass seed you have chosen to the soil using a spreader. Proper spreader settings and application techniques will be noted on the seed package. Once the seed has been placed, you will want to apply a good fertilizer to the area. This will assist in providing the grass seed a healthy foundation and it will quickly begin to flourish. Lightly rake the seeded area with a roller or the back of a rake. This will help settle the seed prior to watering.


A newly seeded lawn should be watered on a regular basis using a light spray. This will ensure the soil does not dry out. You may need to water several times daily, depending on the season and climate, to keep the top inch of the soil moist. Continuing a proper watering regiment once the seedlings have appeared is critical to the health and growth of your grass. Grasseaters, Inc. can assist you in developing a proper watering schedule for your lawn. Contact us today if you would like more information.

Continued Maintenance

Apply a good fertilizer about 6-8 weeks later and continue to maintain a regular watering schedule to allow for full growth of the lawn. If possible, keep foot traffic to a minimum and pets away from newly seeded areas until the seedlings are well established.

If you are would like to set up a lawn maintenance plan for establishing and maintaining a beautiful yard, contact Grasseaters, Inc. today at 817-249-1070 or fill out our form for a free quote.